ECHO Elder Abuse Identification and Clinical Management in Primary Care

ECHO session 2 resources

National Center on Elder Abuse Resources-(Publications Database)

How at Risk for Abuse Are People with Dementia? (2011)
Elder Caregiving in Indian Country
Six ways to Care for Yourself When Caring for Someone with Dementia
English | Chinese | Korean | Japanese | Samoan | Tagalog | Vietnamese
Taking Care of You – Tips for The Family Caregiver
Archstone Caregiver Resources
Archstone Caregiver Brochure—You are their Advocate
-Archstone Fotonovela English | Spanish
Abuse of Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities (2012)
Nursing Home Neglect: Preventing It and Getting Help
Abuse of Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities (2012)
Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program What You Must Know
Should I Take My Loved One Home During the COVID-19 Crisis?
Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program What You Must Know
Adult Protective Services Fact Sheet
Adult Protective Services Flow Chart
Mandated Reporting of Abuse of Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities Brief | Full Report | PowerPoint Slide
Social Services for Elders in Indian Country​

Resources from National Partners

Alzheimer’s Los Angeles Chapter and National Alzheimer’s Association –
National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life Healthcare providers subpage –
Abuse in Later Life for Healthcare Providers Information Sheet
Domestic Violence in Later Life: An Overview for Health Care Providers
Health Care Providers’ Role in Identifying and Responding to Older Victims of Abuse

External Resources

The Geriatric Emergency Department Collaborative – Elder Mistreatment Emergency Department Toolkit
Family Caregiver Alliance

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