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Each student team will produce a creative project that will be presented at the wrap-up workshop on April 6th. The purpose of the project is for your team to illustrate to others what you have learned from your senior volunteer about healthy adaptive aging. We hope this will be a fun activity that you, your fellow students and senior volunteers all participate in and enjoy.

Pecha Kucha

A Pecha Kucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each. A Pecha Kucha speaker presents 20 images or slides which progress automatically, after being visible onscreen for 20 seconds.
To accommodate more teams, each PechaKucha will be comprised of 15 slides or images for 15 seconds before automatically progressing to the next slide. Students should prepare a narrative describing or amplifying the content or concept being presented in each slide. Your slides should be more visual than text-laden. The images should come from your visits with your senior partners or concepts that you have learned in the process of your work together. We encourage student teams to work together creatively to illustrate to others what you have learned.

  • At first meeting with faculty advisor choose your role for completing the creative project (picture taker, narrator, make slide presentation)
  • Identify themes, take pictures at each home visit
  • Practice presentation as a group

Example PechaKucha

You can find more examples here at:

StoryCorps Recording

StoryCorps creates an opportunity for people to record and archive interviews. If you would like to read more about the organization at The SSPP program has access to high quality recording equipment. If you would like to create a recording you must:

  1. Prepare series of interview questions
  2. Arrange with the program coordinator to have this equipment available
  3. Conduct the interview

You can find more examples here at:

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